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Ghostly Witnesses by James L Williams
5 stars
What a perfectly delightful, feel good story!
Constable Vic Holland has been transferred to Clapfield. He’s also been demoted for “actions unbecoming of a police officer.” His humiliation continues when Sgt Peter Proudfoot sends him out, alone, to patrol the town, on foot.
He spots two thugs and chases them into a building that has been badly damaged by fire. They are waiting for him and manage to overpower him. Vic Holland tries to get away from them, but unfortunately, the floor gives way and his legs fall through the damaged floorboards, leaving him completely at the mercy of these two reprobates, allowing them to beat him mercilessly.
They start a fire and Vic Holland fears that he is going to meet a very nasty end, but then feels himself being rescued by a man who he describes as “Tall, with grey hair and wears horn—rimmed glasses. Looks about 70”. Except there is no trace of this hero.
Vic Holland had let himself go since moving to Clapfield. He’d lost interest in his career and started eating all the wrong types of food, which showed by the weight he’d gained. Sgt Proudfoot is sympathetic about the accident. However, he blames this weight for not allowing Vic to escape from the thugs. He threatens to dismiss Vic from the police if he doesn’t manage to lose weight and get fit before his medical scheduled for six weeks after his accident. Sgt Proudfoot suggests that Vic Holland gets help from the fitness trainer and manager of the local leisure centre, Ernie Newsham, an ex-policeman.
The training and revised diet seem to be going exceptionally well, thanks to some tablets prescribed by the doctor. But were they?
There are lots of other events to keep Vic puzzling as to what actually happened in that derelict building and who his attackers are. It’s going to take Vic together with the help of some very interesting people he meets shortly after the accident, to solve who instigated the attack, some strange robberies and unsolved murders.
James L Williams, you have managed to write one of the most quirky, strange but thoroughly enjoyable books I’ve read this year. Congratulations!
Reviewed by: Treebeard
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